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When patients seek care at a primary care office within Community Care Physicians, they receive care for what brought them there, but they also get an additional service: access to integrated behavioral health. Traditionally, behavioral health issues have been treated separately from physical health issues. This distinction, now, doesn’t always exist. Our mind and body are connected, and your care should reflect that.

Sometimes when we hear "behavioral health", we only think of depression, substance abuse, anxiety and the like. While those are part of it, behavioral health is much broader. Conditions like back pain, chronic illnesses, and obesity often have a behavioral health component. When care for both the mind and body is connected, patient outcomes and satisfaction improve.

Behavioral Health Telemedicine Services and COVID-19 Response

Appointments are available for current and new patients to connect with a licensed behavioral Health Consultant for assistance in dealing with the emotional and behavioral impact of COVID-19. Request an appointment today.

I provide Professional counseling - Integrated Behavioral Health

Community Care Physicians offers access to licensed mental health counselors and clinical social workers as Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) in most of our practices. These Behavioral Health Providers assist our patients with mental health issues, stress, coping, behavior and lifestyle change, and the behavioral management of chronic disease. At this time, all BHCs are adapting to the demands and changes COVID-19 has brought our way to maintain and enhance our services.

We now offer behavioral health services using telemedicine, or video visits using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s secure and doesn’t require any app or software downloads. We also offer assistance to patients who as experiencing stressors of any kind in response to the pandemic.

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Our trained behavioral health consultants are embedded in the majority of CCP’s primary care practices. We are also now available via telemedicine for video visits. Our licensed behavioral health consultants can speak with using your smartphone, tablet, or computer you while you remain safely at home.

We are here for you at this time. To connect with one of our Behavioral Health Consultants via telemedicine or over the phone, simply call our behavioral health schedulers at 518-836-3656 or 518-213-0584, request an appointment using our "Become Our Patient" form on our website, or call your doctor to let him/her know you want to be seen. Within a short time, you will be connected to one of our licensed counselors. We welcome new patients, including patients who are not already a part of Community Care Physicians.

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