CT Scanning

Patient Preparation

For most CT scans there is no preparation. You should wear loose comfortable clothing, although for some exams you may still need to change into a gown.

  • For exams that require a contrast injection you should not eat 6 hours prior to your exam time.
  • For patients who are diabetic on Glucophage or Metformin they will need to stop taking their medications on the day of the exam. The patient will also need to have a prescription for blood work ( Bun/Creat) to be drawn 48 hours following the exam to assure renal function is normal before resuming diabetic medications.
  • If you are having a CT exam such as an abdominal or pelvic scan, you may be required to drink an oral contrast. You will need to begin drinking this contrast at least an hour before your scan time to ensure that your digestive tract is properly prepared for the exam.