Patricia Hobbs, NP

Patricia Hobbs, NP

Patricia Hobbs is a nurse practitioner with a special interest in occupational medicine. While she is at our Capital Healthcare Associates office most of the time, she also works on day a week at a plant in Mechanicville where she see’s employees and their families for various things including occupational physicals and injuries.

Her desire to pursue medicine began with tragedy when she was 23. After losing 2 children in a fire and witnessing firsthand the care they received, Patricia chose to become a nurse so she could help people through tough times such as the one she went through. To this day, she never regrets her decision. She loves seeing and caring for patients. She considers it a privilege and challenge that always keeps her on her toes.

Patricia has four shih tzus, one of which is a therapy dog she rescued named Gee Gee who is especially interested in visiting nursing home patients. She is in the process of becoming Gee Gee’s handler through some fun training. When Patricia retires, she hopes this will be a big part of her life and would like to visit nursing homes and hospitals with Gee Gee!


NP, Albany Medical College, Albany, New York,
AAS, Marie College, Albany, New York



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