Independent Medical Evaluations Occupational Medicine

Independent Medical Evaluations are provided at the request of insurers, attorneys, compensation and disability agencies or others and must be authorized by them in writing before scheduling.

There is no doctor – patient relationship established with an Independent Medical Evaluation. No medical treatment is provided, nor are recommendations for treatment given to the examinee. Dr. Musto will inform the examinee should, in the course of the examination, he find significant medical conditions that require treatment by the examinee's personal physician.

Dr. Musto will conduct an objective, impartial medical assessment and will issue a written report within 10 business days. If this evaluation is conducted under the auspices of a New York State Worker's Compensation Claim, copies of the report will be sent (as required by law) to the Worker's Compensation Board, the insurance carrier, the claimant's attending physician or other attending practitioner, the claimant's representative and the claimant. In other circumstances, copies of the report will be sent to parties to whom the Examinee asks us, in writing, to send them.

The IME process is expedited by the referrer's efforts.

Please specify, in writing, the reason for requesting the IME and include the specific issues that you wish Dr. Musto to address (e.g. impairment rating, causation, apportionment, propriety of treatment, etc.) An Examinee will not be scheduled until you provide us with a written request.

Please provide Dr. Musto with all relevant medical records and reports in advance.

Please specify whether you wish Dr. Musto to apply a particular impairment rating scale (e.g. NYS WCB 1996, AMA Guides 4th or 5th Edition, Social Security Disability Guidelines etc.)

Please provide this office with the Examinee's name, address and telephone number so that we can contact the Examinee. We will provide the Examinee with orientation materials, and we will call the Examinee to confirm the appointment.

Our goal is to provide you with prompt, complete, objective and informative reports. If you have any questions or comments about the IME process, please call Capital Healthcare Associates/Community Care Physicians Division of Occupational Medicine at 518-274-9145 x41.

To make an appointment with an Occupational Medicine specialist at Capital Healthcare Associates, please call (518) 274-9126 .

Ronald Musto MD, MPH, CIME, is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Occupational Health and by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.