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Workout fitness center membership packages are based on your insurance type.

While we would like to offer free membership to everyone, we are required by law to charge you a nominal fee for membership if you have a government sponsored insurance.

If you are 65 years of age or older, you are disabled with Medicare coverage, or your insurance is found on this list of Medicaid insurances, you will need to choose the $5 Medicare/Medicaid membership option. Please answer "Yes" to the question below and select your insurance carrier.

If you have a private insurance (and no Medicare/Medicaid product) your membership is free. Please answer "No" to the question below and select your insurance carrier. If your insurance is not listed or you have no insurance, please select "Other or No Insurance" as your option.

Are you a Community Care Physicians employee? Yes        No

Are you covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Medicare, or Managed Medicaid? Yes        No

Select your insurance carrier:

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Managed Medicaid

  • Aetna Health Inc
  • Affinity Health Plan, Inc
  • Amida Care, Inc (HIV SNP)
  • Atlantis Health Plan, Inc
  • Capital Disctrict Physicians Health Plan, Inc
  • Cigna Healthcare of New York, Inc
  • Community Choice Health Plan of Westchester, Inc
  • Community Premier Plus, Inc
  • Elderplan, Inc
  • Empire HealthChoice HMO, Inc
  • Excellus Health Plan, Inc
  • GHI HMO Select, Inc
  • Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
  • Health Net of New York, Inc
  • Health Plus Prepaid Health Services Plan, Inc
  • Healthfirst PHSP, Inc
  • HealthNow New York Inc
  • Hudson Health Plan, Inc
  • Independent Health Association, Inc
  • Managed Health, Inc
  • Metroplus Health Plan, Inc
  • Metroplus Health Plan, Inc Special Needs Plan (HIV SNP)
  • MVP Health Plan, Inc
  • Neighborhood Health Providers, Inc
  • New York -Presbyterian System Select Health LLC (HIV SNP)
  • New York State Catholic Health Plan, Inc
  • Oxford Health Plans (NY), Inc
  • PCMP II-A- Gold Choice
  • SCHC Total Care, Inc
  • Southern Tier Pediatrics
  • Southern Tier Priority Healthcare
  • Suffolk Helath Plan
  • The New York-Presbyterian Community Health Plan, Inc
  • UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc
  • Univera Community Health, Inc
  • Wellcare of New York, Inc