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CapitalCare Family Medicine Berne Debuts its Vitalist Health Program

Posted: 9/28/2018

CapitalCare Family Medicine Berne, a division of Community Care Physicians, P.C., gears up for a mid-October launch of its new Vitalist Health Program, made possible by funds from Alliance for Better Health. Led by Dr. Kristin Mack, this new innovative program will allow the practice to “see” their patients without them having to travel to the office. It is designed for people who have trouble getting to the doctor’s office due to poor mobility, where there is a high risk of falling, or another limiting health condition. These patients will be able to see a doctor from the safety of their own home. A “Vitalist” is a community member that has been trained by the practitioners at Family Medicine Berne. They will come to the patient’s home and measure vital signs and will perform a medical exam using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology to connect to the practitioners at the practice. Currently, there are 9 Helderberg Ambulance members poised to become Vitalists, training began this week and will end on Saturday. The program is set to kick off on mid-October. The program’s motto is: Have you ever needed help getting to a doctor’s appointment? Our community is so strong, that your neighbors are helping the doctor get to you!

“Many of our patients are limited as to when and if they can come into the office, the rural area where I practice can be a challenge in the winter months and there are other limiting factors as well. Many patients do not have reliable transportation or are just too frail to make the trip in to see us” says Kristin Mack, DO, the sole physician of this key primary care practice. Patients in this area do not have many choices for primary care and often are forced to travel over an hour to a hospital. This program hopes to alleviate the need for some patients to have a hospital emergency visit and instead keep them healthy with more contact with their primary care office.

CapitalCare Family Medicine Berne is located at 1772 Helderberg Trail, Berne, NY 12023. Contact the office to become a patient and for more information on the practice: (518) 872-9262.

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